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Deal World – Lung cancer is a condition in which cells grow uncontrollably in the lungs (an organthat serves to spread the oxygen into the blood when inhale exhale carbon dioxideand expel the moment sigh). Lung cancer is one

Deal World – Obesity is a very high fat buildup in the body thereby making weight is outside the limits of the ideal. A number of complications can arise due to obesity, even some of endangering lives. Some examples

Deal World – Liver cancer is a cancer that originated from the organ of the heart or liver. There are two classifications of liver cancer based on the location of growth or its

Deal World – Leukemia is a cancer that attacks the white blood cells. White blood cells is a functioning blood cells protect the body against foreign matter or disease. These white blood cells produced by the bone

Deal World – Fever is a condition when body temperature is above 38 degrees celsius. Fever is part of the immune processes that are against infections due to viruses, bacteria, or parasites. In addition, fever can also occur in the condition of hyperthyroidism, arthritis, or because

Deal World – Measles is a viral infection that is characterized by the appearance of a rash all over the body and is highly contagious. Measles can be very disruptive and lead to more serious complications. Measles symptoms begin

Deal World – Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects a child‘s ability to communicate, social interaction, and behavior. ASD includesautism, not only but also include Asperger’s syndrome, a syndrome of developmental disorders and Heller, pervasive (PPD-NOS). It is important

Deal World – Depression is one of mental health disorders that occur for at least two weeks or more to affect the pattern of thought, feeling, mood (mood) and how to deal with daily activities. When experiencing depression we